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My Story : From an ordinary treadmill mouse to a superhero spreading joy.

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the world of festivals. We all agree that at any given point of time somewhere in the whole wide world somebody is always celebrating something. And when a whole community celebrates together it becomes a festival.

Festivals have the power to bring joy in even the most disappointing of times and lift the spirits of people. So, my mission is to spread the knowledge of different festivals that are celebrated the worldover (small and big) so that whoever visits my place will always go with a cheerful face.

But, it was not always like this with me.I too was like anybody and everybody. A dull, monotonous professional in the corporate world ; a mouse in a treadmill.

Life was very boring at first. Day after day I would do the same job and I started feeling more like a robot than a human. 

Things came to a standstill when I couldn't feel anything but boredom, even in freetime. Life seemed like a dead end to me. What was I to do?

Then, a magic wand waved from the sky and as providence would have it, a miracle happened.I was at a party hosted by some of my friends and there I saw that everybody was cheerful and hearty.

That set me thinking. I needed to do something to change myself. 

Then an idea hit me. It was like my eureka moment. I suddenly realised that there are things in this world which can lift your spirits even in dire circumstances. What better way to feel good and enjoy life than to celebrate with your near and dear. The more the merrier.

That brought me to the conclusion and set my mission in life. Spread Cheer with festivals”Let everybody have a reason to enjoy and live cheerfully.

 I worked hard and transformed myself into FestHunter. My mission “Enjoy and Bring Joy.” Feel free to come over here when you are down and I promise to lift your spirits.

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